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Some policy analysts, citing positive psychology, propose replacing the Gross domestic product with Gross national happiness as the predominant measure of a nation’s success.
The local supermarket tells a story. I like them more. #tellastory (at Pioneer Supermarket)

The local supermarket tells a story. I like them more. #tellastory (at Pioneer Supermarket)

We force ourselves to work, even when we’re not being productive. Stop. Get up, do something else that’s not related to work, and when you are in the zone, double down and achieve an insane amount instead.
The area where the street and plaza or open space meet is key to success or failure. Ideally, the transition should be such that it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

Coming to America

Long story short we now live in Manhattan, New York.

Why move again? Because Natasha got an offer she couldn’t refuse. More from her soon.

So once again we packed, but this time also sold the non easily movable stuff like our espresso machine and although tiny, non packable, Fiat 500.

About 7 days before departure I misplaced our sons recently renewed passport and we realised that we had the wrong visa. Before that, July was planned to be mostly vacation but also apartment hunt. The vacation part was replaced by visa hacking and the apartment hunt took more effort than expected.

Mid August the apartment hunt was over and we are now in the process of making the apartment livable. We can confirm that it is the landlords market.

In July and August we lived various places in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which we all liked, but I have since leaving Denmark wanted to live near Central Park, mostly for the kids sake. The place we have found is on the Upper West Side near Central Park.

The visa hacking included trips to Cape Cod in Massachusetts and Prévost in beautiful Quebec, Canada, so it wasn’t all just hard work.

I even got freelance work offered, but their approach is to do many startups fast without caring about quality, which isn’t how I work, so I’m still looking. I haven’t had time to communicate nor attend meetups yet, but I’m looking forward to meet the NY tech scene.

It’s been hectic and we all look forward to fully enjoy the city.


Ever since 2000, where I spent hours of hours optimizing the relatively small server Hewlett-Packard had sponsored my bootstrapped startup at the time, Eksperten, I’ve speculated in going all in on static pages.

Dynamic CMS

Most websites today use the now 10 years old WordPress as their content management system and according to BuiltWith there are 7,584,725 sites using WordPress as of today.

Static CMS

I do not use WordPress but I assist some small businesses with theirs, and the hassle of making it fast and keeping it and it’s plugins up to date makes me want to reboot my other startup Webalogic, where content is edited at webalogic.com then pushed to the clients server via FTP. Webalogic have served clients since 1998, and while it needs a makeover, the idea is simply that there is no sanity in having a webserver call a script that calls a database several times to fetch text and then produce HTML that the webserver will send to the user. Why not just build the HTML the microsecond after the content was edited and utilize the powerful caching mechanism built into the webserver. If you do need dynamic pages, Webalogic can output files as scripts such as PHP, ASP etc.

There are many ways to build static pages. One I and many others use is GitHub Pages, which is great for hackers.

Advantages of static content

Here are the three advantages of static content I see as the most important ones:

  • Sleep tight: By not using a Dynamic CMS you do not need to worry whether an exploit has been found and used to compromise your website.
  • Speed: There’s no faster than static.
  • Caching: The webserver can handle the caching thus provide a faster website.

My first exited startup Eksperten has been resold

While Eksperten hardly is the driving force behind the sale, I sincerely hope the new owners will give it a thorough makeover, or give it back to the community.

Facebook acquired Parse

To me, this is sad news as I had high hopes for Parse as the groundstone to build apps or even rewrite cluttered ones onto.

My reason to recommend services like Parse is that most apps need to be fast and utilize real time look and feel. To do that the frontend should intelligently be fed with data from the backend so that it can be shown instantly when the user requests it. With tools like Backbone most logic can be pushed to the frontend, thus the backends job is to be fast, reliable and at a bare minimum make it easy for the frontend to store and obtain data.

Since I heard about Parse I have recommended it to the startups I work with and others who would like to get into programming. I would still recommend Parse if your focus is on getting into building web or mobile apps as in that case you need a simple way to store data and should only focus on the client.

For a business I wouldn’t use Parse. Facebook is a behemoth and will most likely stick around for a very long time, but their focus isn’t Parse but to nurture their money machine, the timeline. Besides Facebook’s lack of focus on making Parse a sustainable business your app is most likely interested in social network integrations other than Facebook and as important as that is, I wouldn’t trust Facebook.

Luckily there are alternatives.

Read-later bins

I have two “read later” lists. My open chrome tabs, and /dev/null (since later never fucking happens let’s all admit it) izs

I must admit that most of my posts in Instapaper remains unread.

Proper mooring knowledge required in case of waves.

Proper mooring knowledge required in case of waves.

tweets about love from 1966-1973 by Susan Sontag. Found here.

tweets about love from 1966-1973 by Susan Sontag. Found here.

Unlike taxes, however, ad-based services target lower-income and lower-education audiences because that’s where they make all of their money. To take the largest example, Google makes $30.00 ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) per year and charges about $1/click on average to advertisers. That’s 30 ads clicked per user per year. I’m certainly not clicking that many Google ads per year and neither are you. I usually know where content stops and ads begin, partly because I’ve had access to the Internet longer than others. I think ads target the same audience that Nigerian scammers do, on average;
– View on Path.

– View on Path.

The alternative is to compete against nothing but yourself. To excel merely because the act of excelling without boundaries or incentives thrills you.

And the good news is that once you find that, you’ll always have it.

- Seth Godin
Fuck it, git push at Founders House – View on Path.

Fuck it, git push at Founders House – View on Path.